Monday, October 31


Some years you go to the pumpkin patch...
...and some years you go to the grocery store.
But she doesn't really seem to mind, right?

Happy Halloween from Elmo*, Frankenstein, the painted punkin, and the Shafers!

*You know you're a mom when you catch yourself thinking it's "cool" to carve a Sesame Street character. Addy loves her some Elmo, and I guess I just couldn't resist.

Thursday, October 27

doug + addy take on the utah

Last weekend Doug and Addy flew to Utah for Grandpa Warren's funeral. It was really important to us that Doug be there with his family, but the second we started to consider sending Addy with him was the second I started to feel like I would puke. And when I sobbed the 24 hours before they left, I knew I was in for a loooong weekend.

Most importantly, they had a wonderful time and loved celebrating Grandpa's life. It was a quick trip, but they got some quality family time in (Doug's entire immediate family was there... so awesome), saw friends we miss like crazy (that's you, Allers), and even saw real live mountains (no offense, east coast).

But just so you know, I survived. I got a lot done and I napped when I felt like it, but I can't deny that I'd just rather do stuff with my family. Give me a day to myself and I'll walk away rested. Give me four days? I'll start to lose it. Let's just say Perry and I talked more than we've ever talked before.

Saturday, October 22

the 3-face squish

I've been scanning old pictures (again) because some of these I haven't looked at in like 10 years. And I'm noticing a photographic pattern...

And you know what? I have more.

Man, I'm really one to get into a posing slump! But I guess when you find a formula that works, you just gotta repeat it.

Thursday, October 20


Man, we love these commercials...

Well done, Dennis Duffy.

Monday, October 17


Thank goodness for the new Cafe Rios in the D.C. area.

Oh, pulled pork salad... how I've missed thee.

Wednesday, October 12

grandpa warren

Doug's grandpa passed away earlier tonight.
He's been so sick and so uncomfortable for so long, that we're happy for him. But you know how it is... it's still heartbreaking to see a great man like that go.

Sunday, October 9

two things that kill me

Rain coats that squish her cheeks,
and skinny jeans from her cousin that make her legs look slim for the first time in her life.


15 weeks down

10 weeks
11 weeks
13 weeks
15 weeks

Thursday, October 6

hitting the sauce

While we were in Charlottesville we also stopped at Carter Mountain Orchard for some apples.

It had rained earlier that day, so it was preeeetty muddy, but their apples are so good we trudged through it anyway. Doug especially took one for the team.
Later that night Mom helped me make a LOT of apple sauce using this fancy, shmancy tool she brought that's definitely older than me. It worked like a dream.
We have enough apple sauce to feed the neighborhood, so thank goodness Addy especially can down the stuff like candy.

Wednesday, October 5

monticello with m & d

My parents came to town last week, so we dragged them all over Charlottesville. We loved showing off Monticello to them... I get my love for history from my parents, and I want them to love Virginia for that as much as I do. We were also happy to visit Monticello again because last time we went it was zero degrees and the dead of winter. Eesh.

Killer view, no? No wonder Jefferson built his house there.
Addy feeling too cool to smile in her own seat on the shuttle

It was a beautiful day and I loved all the nerdy learning, especially with my fellow nerdy parents!

Tuesday, October 4

why so serious?

Her dad thought this result was awesome. I did not, due to reasons explained previously.

Monday, October 3

good samaritan

I can hardly tell you how grateful I am for the good samaritan that helped push Doug's dead car during rush hour from a busy left turn lane to a nearby parking lot. He then tried to jump it, and when it wouldn't work he helped push Doug's car down the hill to an auto parts store, sprinting after him when the car picked up momentum and left the dude behind.

I came onto the scene in the middle of it all. I thanked the guy and he said, "I've been wanting to start jogging again. Maybe this was the Lord's way of telling me to go for a run." I offered to pay the dude for his trouble, but he just shrugged and said, "That was me with a dead battery last week... just be there to help the next person."

So, bearded, running do-gooder with the surfer voice, thanks for being so kind today. You made me want to be a better person.