Tuesday, November 29

copy cat

These days Addy isn't so much into copying us--it's more having us copy her.
I can't tell you how many times a day I hear "Come on!" and see her beckoning me over to her. Sometimes it's to play a toy with her, and sometimes it's to do weird stuff like lay flat on our backs together on the floor. Funny kid.

Sunday, November 27


If you decide to just "get up and go" shopping mid-morning of Black Friday without showering or getting ready, you will run into at least 10 people you know. It's a fact.

Hope your Thanksgiving was happy and your Friday black!

Sunday, November 20


Once again it's Movember, the month-long mustache-growing event that raises awareness for men's health, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that afflict men. Doug's grown a mustache for the month, and every time someone asks him, "What's with the creepy stash?" he can direct them to movember.com and encourage them to make a donation.

 As many of you know, my dad is battling prostate cancer. So as much as I hate my husband having a mustache (especially on our anniversary... ugh), I have to admit I'm really touched that he and the other Mo Bros are happy to participate and tell everyone how they can help kick cancer in the face.

My brother-in-law Ben has set up a donation page for his Mo team. If you're able, please go there to learn more or to make a donation.

 Go the Mo!

Friday, November 18

high five

This morning just before we got up for the day, Doug rolled over and said, "High five for 5 years."

5 jobs,
4 countries,
3 races,
2 universities,
1.5 baby girls,
& only 1 trip to the ER.

High five indeed. Happy anniversary, babe.

Tuesday, November 15

Monday, November 14

our little weirdo

The other morning Addy came to me with a new trick... stretching out her smile with her fingers.

My first thought was, "Where does she get this stuff?!" and then my next thought was, "Let's get on PhotoBooth. Stat."
Yeah, I'm in my robe. So sue me.

After a morning photo shoot, she wanted to show Doug her trick when he got home later.

By the end, she was just sitting back and watching us make idiots of ourselves. Man, we love that girl.

Sunday, November 13

Tuesday, November 8


Like any good parent, we've already arranged our daughter's marriage. In fact, we have negotiations going with more than one suitor. But so far, the front-runner is Charlie. One of his top words is "Addy!", and Addy adores him.

Cute pic because of the kids, but we also love how representative it is of our posh neighborhood

If these two get together one day, we've got some amazing material for their wedding video.

Sunday, November 6

i wish i had stock in kleenex

...because I'm pretty sure I'm helping keep them in business.

I started saving tissue boxes in mid-September when I thought I might use them for a Halloween thing. I ended up with 15 or so boxes, and that wasn't even all that I used in that time.

 This allergy thing is getting out of hand.

 But on the bright side, I'm getting to be quite the connoisseur of facial tissue. I'll put together a spreadsheet for you if you'd like.

Friday, November 4

her hairs

Last week we faced a problem that was a long-time coming... what to do with Addy's Lloyd Christmas/monk layer in the back of her head.

Long ago when her hair was really starting to grow, over time she rubbed a bald spot onto the back of her head whilst she slept. That caused her to have two distinct layers with about a 4-inch difference (you can kinda see that below). Stylish.

After months of people cautiously asking, "So, did you cut that layer on purpose?", we finally agreed that it was time to create some more layers between the monk layer and the original layer.
We decided to do it before we changed our minds. Doug went to town cutting, Addy entertained herself with her feet in the sink, and in no time we had some new layers that we both agreed were an improvement.


Wednesday, November 2

hanover avenue

This year we trick or treated on Hanover Avenue, a street downtown that's known for going all out at Halloween.
We were blown away by all the awesome decorations, and it was pretty much Doug's dream come true (he'd love to decorate our house like that some day). We got there early before the big crowds and the rain, but it gets really packed. Some friends live on that street and they gave away over 2,000 pieces of candy that night! So crazy.

It was a great way to celebrate our last Halloween in the Richmond. Man, we're going to miss this city...


We love Halloween, so we used our costumes every chance we could all weekend.

And what on earth were our costumes?

Well Addy was a duck (which gave her the most amazing ghetto booty), I was an egg with a "duck on the way" (kinda lame, but I was in charge of a lot of stuff that night and I wanted to be comfortable), and Doug? He was the Tooth Fairy. HA!!!!

Now Doug takes costumes very seriously, but he was stuck this year and couldn't think of anything he was excited about. So he finally gave into my pressuring. He had some leftover fake teeth from some dentures and glued them to parts of his costume, and they looked disgustingly real. I thought he looked hilarious.

In fact, people at church agreed that he looked hilarious and gave him a prize. It's the first costume prize he's earned in all our years here, and he's so annoyed that it came the one year I took over and made him do something he didn't even love. SUCKER!
(Can you see the "yep yeps" from Sesame Street on the right? So awesome.)

He did end up having fun walking up to people, getting in their face, and saying, "That's a nice incisor... give it to me." It's good practice for when he graduates.

Our little fat duck was very squishy and cute, and she really liked her costume--although you'd never know from her expression. Here's her looking too serious at the Halloween music time.

Good times.