Tuesday, July 17

tag! i'm it

Kate tagged me for this survey, and I've never been one to turn down a challenge. So here goes.

places I've worked
1-PostMasters (a Dunlop tradition)
2-BYU Preschool
3-Tahitian Noni International
4-Provo Craft

movies I can watch over and over
1-Waiting for Guffman
2-Runaway Bride
3-Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
4-Legally Blonde

places I've lived
1-Atlanta, GA
2-Doylestown, PA
3-San Fernando, CA
4-Hillsboro, OR

favorite tv shows
1-The Office
2-What Not to Wear
3-Arrested Development
4-So You Think You Can Dance

places I've been
2-Sea World
3-Ensenada, Mexico
4-the basement of our house in AL during a tornado

favorite foods
1-Papa John's pizza
3-Rita's water ice
4-Chocolate Covered Cinna-bears (thanks, Freshman year)

majors I've considered
3-English Teaching
4-Neuroscience (not really, but I wanted to break the trend of the other three)

places I'd rather be
1-Doylestown, PA
2-Six Flags
3-Scarborough Beach, RI with the fam
4-on a cruise

friends i would like to tag (meaning: it's your turn to fill in your answers and I think you'll actually do it!)
1-jessica mortensen
2-jenn meyerson
3-kadi thompson
4-whitney shafer
(I decided to narrow it down to sisters and sisters-in-law with blogs. Go for it, hermanas!)

doug's day of birth

This is a bit overdue, but Doug's birthday back on July 6 deserves a shout out. A person doesn't turn a quarter of a century every day, you know. (Although some people do turn 25 every year, including my father.)

The day of Doug's birthday was a Friday, so unfortunately I worked all day and he worked all night. We did manage to squeeze in a fancy breakfast, lunch together, and ice cream that night. Doug was bestowed with some pretty sweet gifts, including an airsoft gun, a Camelbak (see the pic for his reaction), an iTunes gift card, "The Office" seasons 1 and 2, and a talking email from some of our nieces and nephews.

The next night we put together a par-tay for Doug in the park. He apparently hadn't had a friend party since his fifth birthday, so I felt it was time for another. We had a BBQ with dear friends, endured a major wind storm, ate pie and cake (appropriately decorated with dinosaurs... he is old now, after all), and played some seriously extreme croquet. We played until none of us could see anymore, and then we played some more. It was hilare. And ridiculous.

I'm so glad that Doug has joined the 25 club, and I'm even more glad that he's mine. :) He's a keeper.

Saturday, July 7

freedom day!!

I hope you all had a delightful Fourth of July. We partied all day long. We rode our bikes early that morning to go see some hot air balloons take off (way cool), and then later we hit up the Provo city parade. We also watched a movie, took naps, went to an open market on Center Street, and had a BBQ with some folks at Ben and Whitney's. We did some fireworks, had a few close calls, and watched the fireworks at BYU's Stadium of Fire (a/k/a Stadium of Smoke) from a parking lot. What a great day.

High fives for freedom! It truly is a blessing to live in a country like ours. It's not perfect, but I'm grateful for the men and women that protect our freedoms and encourage equality around the world. We're dang proud to be Americans.

Joel's sad little firetruck firecracker that he picked out. He was quite upset when we set it on fire. I don't think he realized we would be blowing it up. Eesh.

The Allers as a human American flag. We should have put stars on Dave's shirt.

Pyromaniacs in action. :)

been dere, done dat

So the DAT is done! Last Monday Doug took the DAT, the dental assessment test that helps him get into dental school. We stressed and stressed about it, and I was a complete mess Monday morning whilst he was taking the 4.5 hour test. But Doug was a champ and didn't even puke once.

You get immediate results when you take the DAT (you take it all on a computer), and he ended up doing GREAT! He scored a 19, which is just wonderful. It’s an average score for a BYU student and an above average score on a national level.

By Doug’s standards, a 19 isn’t spectacular. But let’s get real—-it’s good enough to get us into a school! So that’s one dental hurdle down, and many, many to go. I’m way proud of him. He studied for months and did his very best.

Rock on, Douglas, rock on.

the hair cuttery

Anyone that knows Doug well knows that he is a hair man. He does an excellent job cutting hair, and he’s extremely obsessed with how his hair looks. He’s a perfectionist.

So a few weeks back when he suggested I cut his hair, I scoffed at the suggestion. Nobody cuts his hair except trained professionals or friends that have proven their skills. He practically requires a resume and references. So when he kept asking me to do it, I realized he was serious. My only real experience with cutting hair was when a desperate mission companion asked me to do a trim, promising me I couldn’t screw it up. When I started to, in fact, screw it up, she stopped me in disgust.

I explained to Doug that I was not trustworthy, but he was persistent. So I stood in the tub in our teensy bathroom while he sat in front of the mirror, guiding me step by step. I’ve never used clippers in my life, and it was a terribly stressful experience. The first picture here says to me "I want you to try this, but if you mess up my hair you're toast." I was feeling more and more comfortable as we went along, however, and Doug was very encouraging. I became overconfident at one point, though, and I totally took out a chunk of his hair at a very bad spot. Oops. We were able to fix it pretty well and I think we only argued once. His hair actually turned out looking great--not perfect--but very doable. Not too shabby for a perfectionist and a novice.