Friday, January 24


A self-portrait with eyelashes. EYELASHES.

Hot chocolate gone wrong.

"Frozen" songs on YouTube are pretty awesome

They were hugging right before I grabbed the camera. Picture it... it's cuter than you're thinking.

sponge curlers

The result was a loose wave, but hey! We tried!

Monday, January 13


Grandma Joyce's Christmas jammies are a HIT for both young and old.

But when we all sit together, it starts to make Doug dizzy. The sacrifices we make for a pattern I love.

Sunday, January 12

the head cock

Grace copies 90% of what Addy does, including cocking her head for pictures. Sometimes to the point of leaning over completely.
Phase 1

Phase 2

Phaaaase 3

Oh, and this rabid bunny picture has been killing Doug and I. Absolutely killing us!

Wednesday, January 8

welcome to the future!

So here we are in private land. Let the top-secret, controversial posts begin!

Just kidding, everybody. Fear not.

I'll show some kid pictures instead without worrying a total weirdo can see them too. (Not that some of you aren't weirdos... stranger weirdos is probably more accurate.)

Our little Addy is a sunbeam this year! She was absolutely thrilled. A friend told me she did great in there, only breaking form to stand up to do some silent arabesques during singing time.

She came home from church with a crown that said, "I am a child of God." It's been an important accessory this week.

 Even Grace has gotten in on the crown bandwagon.