Sunday, October 27

trunk or treat, yo

Pan and the gang hit up the Ward Halloween Party last night. You know the routine--chili cook-off, costume parade, trunk or treat. Done, done, and done. The crocodile and Tinker bell walked off with a ton of loot, and Peter ROCKED those tights. Great night.

But really, it wasn't that simple. I was one of the few in charge of the whole shebang, and frankly I'm glad it's over. In the past 6 years, I've done the trunk or treat 5 times. It's not awful, but it starts to suck the Halloween life out of you.

One trick we learned for the chili cook-off is to put out small Dixie cups next to the bowls. That way people can try a bunch of different chilis or soups without using full bowls and wasting a lot of chili. 

To explain the idea to people I wrote this poem. It semi-worked, so I'll call it a semi-success.

I also have to give mad props to a few ladies in the ward that put together this spider web extravaganza in the corner of the gym. It was quirky and funny and loved by all.

Until next year, trunk or treat! I have my fingers crossed that I won't be in charge...

Saturday, October 26

be still my heart...

What, don't you share a car seat when you watch Sesame Street?

Friday, October 25

child of the corn?

... or just Addy at the pumpkin patch with her preschool last week.

Totally spooky right?

Well here's proof that it wasn't all that scary. Choo choo trains, pumpkin hunting, etc. and etc.

Friday, October 18

you must work out

I neglected to take a turn. Next time.

Thursday, October 17


These two love books. They carry them around, drop them, point at them, color in them (TIME. OUT.), and sometimes read them.

Wednesday, October 16

in my aeroplane

The airport down a few minutes from us had an open house. I'm a sucker for a free community activity that lets you touch airplanes. Or sit in fire trucks.

Wednesday, October 9


I get why so many people think their kid is a genius. Because one second they're barely able to say their name, and then the next second they can draw a self-portrait AND write their name.

She is, like, SO gifted.

Sunday, October 6

roloff farm

When the weather is gorgeous and you want to make the annual trek to a pumpkin patch, you head to Roloff Farm. It's 10 minutes from home, and it just had to be done.

I thought it'd be cheesy or expensive because of the TV show, but it was neither. Huzzah! We spent two hours there (about an hour more than my usual patch stamina), playing in the kid area, launching things with a giant slingshot, getting lost in a corn maze, etc. and etc. And walked off with a small cute white pumpkin (Addy's choice).

And when Amy Roloff came by and was taking pictures with people, I knew I had to do it. I was certain it would give my sister Jessica heart failure--I couldn't resist.

Train ride? Yes, please!

Cute pumpkin cigar?

Random mermaids visiting from the aquarium? Okay!

Top of the hay pyramid. Victory.

Finally got those sunglasses off for a picture... but apparently she really needed them

Pumpkin fan

We tried for a picture of the two of them. This will do.