Thursday, February 25

where's the flood?

All the cool kids wear their jeans this high.

The onesie Whit made her was so cute I couldn't bear to cover it up. Oh well, at least she pulls this look off.

Tuesday, February 23


Here's Addy's Great-Grandma Adeline on her first birthday, May 19, 1910. That's her dad looking sharp in the hat and vest.

Pretty sweet, eh?

That makes my nieces Eliza and Lucy almost exactly 100 years younger than their great-grandma, and our own little Adeline 101 years younger. Very cool.

Sunday, February 21

jim saves the day

Good idea: Having your own washer/dryer conveniently located in your apartment (sure it's in the kitchen and it's the first thing you see when you come through the front door, but we'll still consider it a good idea).

Bad idea: Stacking the dryer above the washer in a way that prevents you from being able to open the washer all the way. If you want to get inside the washer, you have to hold it open with one hand and fill it/empty it with the other. Picture me doing this whilst 9 months pregnant. It wasn't pretty.

GREAT idea: Telling your dad about the predicament while he was visiting. Waiting seriously 2 minutes for him to assess the situation, ask for a wire hanger, and then create the solution. The top hook hangs down from the dryer, and when we want to keep the washer open we place the bottom hook on the washer lid.

It's so much easier, I could cry. Gotta love that Jim!

By the way... the results from his radiation treatment came back this week, and they weren't what we were hoping for. They'll test him again in May, so unfortunately we all just have to sit tight until them. It's scary, but we're trying to stay faithful. If you think of it, send a few prayers his way, would you?

Saturday, February 20

filling out

Her cheeks are in the process of taking over the world.

Now THAT'S a gene I can definitely take credit for. Let the chubbiness begin!

Wednesday, February 17

why are we doing this?

The more tummy time we do with Addy, the more she seems to wonder, "Why are we doing this?"

Just go with it, Addy. We're going to make you do a lot of weird things.

Sunday, February 14

feel the love

Happy Valentine's Day, folks.

Saturday, February 13

business in the front, party in the back

Real women are born with natural mullets.

Very classy, Adeline.

Friday, February 12

doug shafer: real dentist

Doug drilled a tooth today. As in a real tooth, in a real mouth, in a real person. He also gave her a successful injection. He just couldn't be happier.


Wednesday, February 10

Sunday, February 7

a is for addy

...and a is for "a ridiculous amount of snow."

So far we have yet to have a snow-free weekend since Addy was born.


Saturday, February 6

Friday, February 5

car alarm

Now that I'm home more, I'm realizing I'm obsessed with our car being stolen. Every time I hear a car alarm go off, I panic and run to the front window to make sure our car is still there. Our alarm has only gone off once or twice since we've had it, so I'm not really familiar with what it sounds like. Therefore, in my mind all car alarms are ours. Every one.

Apparently this is the type of stuff I'm going to talk over with Addy each day. Lucky girl.

Thursday, February 4

because her aunts requested more pics...

(This eyebrow-raised look is one of my personal faves. She sports this one a lot, which I assume means her parents dumbfound her.)

Wednesday, February 3

it's in the eyes

Somebody has her daddy's eyes.

(So far we've only confirmed that she has my pinky fingers. Maybe my nose. That will have to do for now.)

Tuesday, February 2

grandma joyce and grandpa jim

Two of Addy's favorite visitors so far.

And lifesavers for me and Doug.

Love you guys!

PS- Addy isn't crying in this pic because of my parents. It's probably the gigantic bow on her head or something.

PPS- You can see a few more pics of Addy taken at the hospital. Doug wasn't around when the photographer stopped by, but we got some of the lovely lady with the rest of us. Go to and click View Photos. The password is 0127adeline

what else would he make?

We were snowed in. Apparently it just felt appropriate.

PS- The bag on Doug's snow arm contains dirty diapers waiting to go to the trash can. Perfect.