Sunday, September 29


Mom's craft stuff provides ample seating

Everyone wanted to slow dance with Dad (for the record, he gave me the first dance)

Addy's turn

Grace became a beautiful 18-month-old

Hugging/attacking each other

Couch jumping (why do I encourage this?)

Saturday, September 28

successful brainwashing?

Doug seems to be slowly creating another football fan in the family. His efforts are already paying off.

Grace, age 6 months:

Grace, age 18 months:

da cougs

We thought BYU jammies and gear would inspire the Cougars to victory, but sorry--no such luck.

But I give them A+ for enthusiasm!

Tuesday, September 24


We hit up an apple orchard the other day. It was no Carter Mountain (oh how we miss thee!), but it still got the job done.

It was super rainy, so I admit it was a different experience dodging the rain to make it work. But I guess that's the life of a Oregonian?

Thursday, September 19

a good morning

Tuesday the girls slept in a bit (a gift from above), so I got to stay in bed, read my scriptures, and wake up slowly for a change. Around 7:45 Addy got up, thus putting me on duty, so I told her I wanted to shower real quick before Gracie woke up.

But then things changed.

As I hopped out of the shower, I started to feel some crazy stomach cramps. They were sudden, they were painful, and--just to add some drama--in some ways they felt like contractions. It was an intestinal pain, but the pain made me so light-headed that I thought I was going to throw up.

I laid down on the bathroom floor with a towel on my head and nothing else (not a pretty picture? yes, I know--I was there). Addy sat by watching this sudden change, and she seemed pretty puzzled. I told her I was sick and I asked her for some crackers, and she gladly took off running.

She came back talking a mile a minute (like she does): "Mom, I couldn't find the crackers. But I think I'm sick too. Can I have crackers? Hey, Mom? Can I have crackers? Go get me crackers, please. Oh, Gracie is awake. Did you know that?"

I did know that, because I can hear Grace yelling "OUT! OUT!", begging to get out of her crib.

I then get a call from a number I don't recognize, and I answer because I think it's the number of a friend that's watching another friend's daughter that I've agreed to take to preschool that morning (you follow?). (Oh, and preschool starts in less than an hour... quite inconvenient since I'm currently in the fetal position on the floor.)

I answer the phone, hoping to tell this friend I can't drive, and it turns out it's a rep asking some questions about Doug's dental practice (I do some marketing stuff for the office). I try to sound professional as I pull on some clothes, crawl into Gracie's room, and get her out of the crib. He does his shpeel and I tell him I'll have to call back. As he keeps pushing the conversation my girls are LOUDLY asking for milk and breakfast and crackers and a dress and a lovey... NO! the other lovey. Finally, the guy gets off the phone.

By now we're downstairs and I throw some food on the table. The stomach pains are no better and I can't think of what to do. I'm curious if it's food poisoning, so I call Doug to see if he's sick. I also wanted someone to know I was sick (besides Addy and the dental rep). He has patients, but he tells me to take Mylanta (duh!) and offers to call my sister or a friend and ask for help.

I decide to let Mylanta do its best before I ask for help. I try the fetal position on the family room floor now (better than the bathroom floor). The girls are pretty indifferent to my condition now (heck, there's breakfast to eat), but I put on cartoons just to buy me some more time.

I start to feel better, but I accept that Addy will not be on time for school. I let a friend know, and she offers to take her and the other little girl. Blessing! I throw a dress on Addy, and send her out the door with bedhead.

The pain continues to fade. Gracie plays toys while I graduate to curling up on the couch. Eventually, I try eating a little something. It stays down. Gradually I move around without the pain.

And then, after two hours, the drama is over. Just as suddenly as the pains came, now boom--it's a normal day.

Man... sometimes getting sick as a parent really bites.

Sunday, September 8

stalking trout

What do you do when you have a severe man-crush on an Angels' player named Mike Trout?

You follow him up to Seattle and stalk him at a Mariners' game. 

Look at that guy's face. He's as giddy as a teenage girl at a One Direction concert.

We went early to catch batting practice and try for some autographs. We got within 10 feet of Trout, but we never got a chance to talk to him. But Josh Hamilton did come by, and we got his signature. Doug loves Hamilton too and was QUITE pleased.

Our seats were spectacular. We were center field, right behind Trout. And when he hit a home run on his first time up to bat, it sailed right near us. Doug nearly experienced heart failure.

I think the highlight of the game, though, was when Trout came booking it towards us to catch a would-be home run. He jumped up against the pads right in front of us. We could have TOUCHED him. Or HUGGED him.

The catch was so good that Trout made the highlights reel, and therefore so did we. Do you see us below? Doug's in the white hat and I'm sitting down taking the picture above. We're basically famous now.

It was a spectacular game (the Angels even won). I'm not always a baseball fan, but I loved it. Sometimes stalking a man with your husband is a real blast.

Saturday, September 7

last hops game

Addy and I hit up the last Hops game of the season. Keeping her entertained is always a challenge, but thank goodness for cotton candy, the mascot, and pennies she kept finding on the ground... it let us last 8 innings.