Monday, June 9

joy school

We did a preschool co-op this year for Addy, and boy did she dig it. 

Receiving her first diploma (of many, we hope)

All the moms/teachers and pupils (the moms are just grateful we survived)

I also love that she got to make more friends, like sweet little Kate.

Sunday, June 8


We spent half of the Easter weekend at home, coloring eggs, hunting for them, etc. and etc. The second of the weekend we drove up to Tacoma with Doug's parents to see Doug's brother and his wife perform in "The Lamb of God." We got to eat dinner with all of them too.

new house

We moved to our new place the end of April. Pretty exciting stuff!

Signing our lives away

Wednesday, April 9


MAN I love these girls.

Tuesday, April 8

hanging out

One of Gracie's go-to ways to relax

Lady-like at breakfast

The first days of spring... woo hoo!

Taco baby

Portland viewpoint

Dad braided their hair (don't you love Addy's reflection?!)

Our darling dancer

Tent coloring together

The only thing phone books are good for anymore

So proud of her quiet time creation (note: what you can't see is all the clothes she took off those hangers, piled on the floor)

A walk through one of our parks

The boat park on turf (heavenly!)

An Addy-made outfit. It's hard for me. Very hard.

birthday girls

See? I knew going private would make this blog lame! Well here are some pics for the Grandmas:

Addy's big 4 in January.

Beach birthday

Her purple cake (as requested)

Brownies with preschool friends

Gracie's big 2 in April.

Her fishy cake (she loves animals--especially fish) (?)

Wednesday, February 12

snow much fun

Oregon doesn't get many snow storms, so when we got a foot last week we partied hard. We also had plenty of time to do so, because the whole area was shut down for about 4 days! Pretty crazy.
The first flurries (we ran out in case we didn't get more... little did we know)

Friday, January 24


A self-portrait with eyelashes. EYELASHES.

Hot chocolate gone wrong.

"Frozen" songs on YouTube are pretty awesome

They were hugging right before I grabbed the camera. Picture it... it's cuter than you're thinking.

sponge curlers

The result was a loose wave, but hey! We tried!