Wednesday, January 30

an epic morning

Last Saturday we checked out the Portland Children's Museum for absolutely free, courtesy a program through our library (thanks, books!). Aaand since the museum shares a parking lot with the Oregon Zoo and we have season passes, we did the obvious thing and ran in for 20 minutes or so.

Needless to say we had an epic morning by Addy's standards.

Water station (can someone build one of these in my garage?)

It took us a looong time to realize she was standing here, slowly getting her hair soaked

Most construction workers pick flowers

Play grocery and cafe, by far Addy's favorite

Gracie still awake!

Clay station with Dad

Gracie asleep! (victory!)

Penguins at the zoo

Chilling with a primate

Monday, January 28


This chica turned 3 this weekend!

We're so grateful that Addy is in our lives. She's the perfect amount of funny, smart, sweet, and sass.

Thursday, January 24

thiiiiis close

I was this close to leaving the house wearing my slippers. I was backing out of the garage and thankfully I glanced down at my feet. Phew!

Running errands in my slippers does sound delightfully comfortable, but... first it's wearing slippers to Target, and then next thing you know it's not wearing a bra to church.

Monday, January 21

where does she come up with this stuff?

I know Doug and I can be weirdos, but the stuff Addy does still surprises me. All of this she did completely un-coached.

Dress on head over outfit

Cucumber teeth (okay, that IS just like Dad)

Dress on backwards + outfit on a stick toy
(putting her arm around it for the picture was also her doing)

Perhaps she was going for a scarecrow?

Sunday, January 20

happy grace

Grace's month-long streak of teething has finally subsided for a bit, and we're amazed at how much happier she is! We didn't realize just how miserable she's been.

Welcome back, happy Grace.

la princesa doctora

We're not ones to push the idea of princesses with our girls. We're not anti-royalty, we're just anti the entitled, self-centered attitude of the girls with "PRINCESS" printed across their behinds. Addy knew Nemo and Lightning McQueen long before she knew Ariel and Belle, because I was afraid she'd get hooked on princesses and never look back.

As she's gotten older, she knows more of the princess movies. We've gone along with a few toys here and there (and you better believe she was Cinderella for Halloween simply because her cousin had a cute costume that fit her), but overall we try to leave it alone.

Alas, try as we might, the princess addiction found her. Now she's consumed. She'll come down with a church skirt and a t-shirt on over her normal clothes and announce that she's a princess. And isn't she pretty? She doesn't ask me to kiss her feet or buy her a BMW, but I still cringe inside.

We do try to make some backhanded comments like, "Oh, you're a good leader? And you're kind and helpful to other people? That's great." Are we trying too hard? Of course we are. But hopefully society can thank us for that in 15 years when she's not an absolute diva.

That being said, you can imagine my joy when she was playing the other day (wearing the church dress she'd picked out) and started poking at her teddy bears' mouths with a pencil. She turned to me and said, "Mom! I'm a princess doctor. I'm working on their teeth."

Well, Dr. Princess, that's something I can work with.

Thursday, January 17

playing ostrich

She does this all the time.


Wednesday, January 16

under the weather

We've been passing sicknesses around our house for a few weeks now.

The only perk is that being sick makes our kids cuddly. Which is amazing, until your toddler pees on you as you're spooning on the couch. Ay caramba.

Thursday, January 10


Here's Doug and Addy, off to an ice cream date last night. She was adorably thrilled. She couldn't get her boots on fast enough!

More one-on-one time with the girls is a goal we set for this year. We're not crazy strict about setting New Year's resolutions, but we are serious about our girls. And ice cream.

grace at 9 months

She sits, she rolls, she teethes (2 so far!), she claps her hands, she sings, and she just might finally be ready to sleep through the night.

She's wonderful.

Sunday, January 6

this is making me laugh tonight

"I'm ready to go in coach... just give me a chance!"

High fives to Rich for pointing this out to us. MAN we love that girl.

Friday, January 4

christmas 2012

We spent Christmas up at Doug's parents house. The whole gang was there, and it was a holly jolly Christmas indeed!

Christmas Eve
New jammies courtesy Grandma Joyce

Love these kids!

Christmas Morning

Grace embracing her first Christmas

Addy modeling some favorite gifts... frog umbrella, backpack, and cowboy boots

Our sweet little peanut
Playing with da Cousins
Decorating Christmas trees a/k/a ice cream cones

Watching the boys play the iPad is just as fun as playing it yourself
 Snowy New Years Eve

Unexpectedly New Year's Eve was super snowy. Totally sabotaged our attempts at a family picture! (as well as our sick photographer and the broken hot water meter)

We also watched movies, played games, shopped, visited Dr. Shafer for some dental work, and ate and ate and ate. 

Wednesday, January 2

santa's workshop

Our garage doubled as a workshop in the weeks leading up to Christmas. We refinished a rocking horse for Gracie (found at a garage sale) and a we made a play kitchen for Addy (out of an old TV stand). 





After all the hours we put into these projects, we hope they play with these every day for the rest of their lives.