Thursday, February 24

addy's full-time jobs

Addy has a slew of things that she does so methodically and so seriously every day that I've started referring to them as her full-time jobs.

These jobs include

a. Pulling all the books off her shelf

b. Pulling the DVDs off the shelf (Doug has them arranged alphabetically and by genre... it's safe to say he loathes this job)

c. Shoving the Costco size conditioner into the tub and making such a loud noise that I nearly have cardiac arrest every. single. time.

Other full-time jobs:
- Rearranging my shoes in the closet
- Pulling everything out of the diaper bag
- Putting her plastic spoons in and out of the dishwasher (and in and out again)

She's so good at doing these things every day, that I hope somebody is remembering to give her a paycheck. In fact, I hope she's not afraid to ask for a raise... she deserves it.

Monday, February 21

you might be in dental school if...'re so cheap you accept a free box of 34 expired, travel-size toothpastes.

A nurse offered them to Doug because they just expired and they can't offer them to patients. The tubes are tiny so we go through one every few days. But hey, free toothpaste.

Sunday, February 20

park it

Warm weather (77 degrees?!) has brought us to the park.

She swings, she slides, and she shouts at ducks. We love it.

Thursday, February 17

pretty please

Addy's gathering quite a few words and signs ("hi," "more," "what's that?", etc.).

Our favorite speech/sign combo by far is "please."

When she does this teensy little sign and teams it up with a sweet, "Peeeeese," we'll pretty much do anything. Today it's giving her our food and picking her up; 15 years from now it will be giving her our car and all our money. Whatever she wants.

Monday, February 14

stay sweet

Doug and I made these delicious Nutella cupcakes last night as a Valentine's treat (a-mazing).

Doug took over the frosting, and the first batch turned out lovely.

The second batch... reminded us of something... unappetizing.

A hilarious mistake. Perhaps it's somehow symbolic of how some people feel about Valentine's Day?

No matter your take on today, we hope it's a good one!


Thursday, February 10

she's walking!

But instead of proving it to you with the video we took, I'll just show you a picture of Addy and I watching the video.
Almost as exciting, right?

Tuesday, February 8

365 days of chase

You know that hilarious Darth Vader super bowl commercial? Well that's basically our nephew Chase.

Chase is 4 years old and constantly on the go. His creativity makes him say/do the funniest stuff. It's like his imagination is on steroids.

He's very particular about what he wears... he'll get stuck on a set of clothes and insist on wearing them constantly. It's common to see him strutting around the house in his Darth Vader Halloween costume, or running around the back yard in summertime wearing his rain boots, gloves, and fireman coat.

To celebrate (and cope?) with his energy and creativity, my sister has made a blog to document his many, many outfits. So if you need a good laugh, visit 365 days of Chase.

Monday, February 7

the flat top

Doug sported a flat top during some key years of his childhood. A few weeks ago he felt inclined to do a throw back, and cut his hair into one for just a day.

Most people didn't even notice, but I'm sure his inner child was thrilled.

PS- Next step? Flat top loooong.

Tuesday, February 1

because we're really good parents...

... we record this kind of stuff.

In the second video she seems to be asking, "Why, WHY?!"

Is it sad that the answer is, "We just wanted to know if you'd freak out again?"