Wednesday, May 27

kicking off summer

Nothing says Memorial Day Weekend like tiny babies (and even some not-so-tiny), canoeing, swimming, BBQs, parades, wiffle ball, and more!

Yes, she's wearing a shirt for pants. Sooo tiny!

Tuesday, May 26

5 for lunch

Doug was kind and made my lunch this morning:
1. Sandwich
2. String cheese
3. Apple
4. Granola bar
5. Chips

5 things. Always. Doug doesn't consider a packed lunch satisfactory unless it includes 5 things. It could be a piece of bread, a bag of oats, a whole cucumber, a chocolate chip, and an ice cube, and he'd consider it a good lunch. It's some sort of feng shui for lunching, I suppose.

I just may be buying into it, though, because my lunch really hit the spot today.

Friday, May 22

a tale of two babies

We're off to see these little (ahem) ladies and their families this weekend. It's going to be grand!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

(The lightweight is newborn Miss Lucy, and the heavyweight is 2.5-month-old Miss Eliza)

snake update

Some friends of ours went to that same park yesterday, and ran into our friend:

Sick, sick, sick.

another old pic...

Things to love about this picture:
- The nightgown + sweatpants + frilly socks (which may or may not be inside out)
- The Miss Piggy sheets
- The Pink Panther stuffed animal
- The way I'm sleeping... that's a trademark Jackie sleeping position to this day

Wednesday, May 20

a day at the park

In the past year or so Doug has decided he likes fishing. I'm supportive just as long as I don't have to eat anything he catches.

Last Saturday we had a few free hours so we headed to a local park so Doug could fish his little heart out and I could read my book.

Now Doug will be the first to say fishing at a suburban park with a perky man-made fountain in the center is totally lame. In fact, he claims it sucks the testosterone right out of you. But even with little girls skooting by on roller skates, our day at the park still proved to be quite outdoorsy.

It started with the catch. Sure it wasn't gigantic for a bass, but hey--he caught something.

And because I was sitting still reading, the ducks and geese brought their babies right next to me (sometimes only 2 feet away... kinda uncomfortably close).

And then some little birds kept flying around trying to attack the geese. They were very territorial. They were black with bright orange shoulders, and we realized we last saw birds like that in Costa Rica. We were impressed until the little birds chased the geese right towards me. Now THAT was uncomfortable.

And THEN a wren kept circling the pond and landing just across the way from me. The black birds were not pleased with him either, but I sure was.

Doug then took a break from fishing to spend a good 15 minutes trying to catch some lizards with a 9-year-old boy. The lizards were snake-like, so I kept my distance.

Little did I know, though, that just before we left we'd head over to check out some turtles and we'd run into this guy:

It's a rat snake. I'd like to say I acted gracefully when I saw it, but let's get real--I freaked. It never came all the way out of its hole, but it was pretty dang big. Way more troubling than the geese.

We'll never underestimate a day at the park again.

Sunday, May 17

sometimes i forget we live in the south

...and then I see this and I remember:

We'd passed a sign for this place on the highway several times, and last week we decided we just had to stop and check it out. A shrine to a Confederate general? That's something!

It turns out it's an old house that has nothing to do with Stonewall Jackson except that he stayed there for a day or so during a battle nearby. Though they did have some nice plaques telling about him and the war.

There wasn't another soul at the shrine, but in the 10 minutes we were there we watched a gigantore thunderstorm roll in, heard gunshots twice, and watched two trains drive by right next to the house. It just felt so southern.

Man, I love living here.

Friday, May 15

our new niece and nephew have more hair than this man...

...because he shaved it Sunday night. As in shaved it completely. As in he's totally bald.

It's a temporary kick, but he's enjoying it for now. I have lukewarm feelings about it, but overall I think he pulls it off... plus, I know that sometimes a guy just needs to shave his head.

Wednesday, May 13

and... meet baby lucy!

Believe it or not, our little niece Lucy Meyerson was born yesterday! 5 pounds, 11 ounces, 18 inches long. She's teensy and oh so cute!

Lucy decided to come 2 1/2 weeks early, so it made for a fun surprise. Mom and baby are doing great, and we couldn't be happier for my sister Jenn, her husband Trav, and fam.

The birthday chain we have going is pretty sweet too. Jenn's birthday (Dunlop side, of course) is May 10, our new nephew (Shafer side) is May 11, and now Lucy (Dunlop side) is May 12. And I appreciate our nephew/niece combo being born a day apart... it will make it easy to remember their ages in years to come. Well done.

Tuesday, May 12

welcome baby thompson!

Our newest nephew, Tyler Spry Thompson (name subject to change), was born yesterday at 3:15 p.m. 8 pounds, 6 ounces, 20 inches long. Apparently he looks like his big brother Mason. It was a beast of a delivery, but all things considered, mom and baby are doing great!

Congrats to Kadi, Joel, and boys!

Monday, May 11

a year ago...

...we were here.


Costa Rica, we hardly knew ye.

Saturday, May 9

we're grateful for you, moms

Dear Joyce and Shawn (not pictured... we fear backlash),

Happy Mother's Day. Our only hope is that we can be as loving, caring, and hilarious as the two of you. And we hope our children can start off just as chubby as we did.


Doug (top pic) and Jackie (bottom pic)

Friday, May 8

apartment denial

Like any self-respecting non-homeowner, we’re in denial that we live in an apartment (well, technically it’s a “townhouse apartment,” but you sound like a dork if you say that in a normal sentence). So even though our townhouse apartment yard consists of cement patios and grassy areas that don’t belong to us, last Saturday we established a garden anyway.

Behold flowers, tomatoes, cilantro, and beans in an attractive series of pots and planters.

The setup is a little homely, but we’re still quite attached.

Wednesday, May 6

enough about you... what about me?

Doug and I went to Kinkos the other day to send a fax. As I was signing my receipt, the girl at the register asked me when the big day was. I looked at her blankly until I realized she must think we’re engaged because I don’t wear a wedding band. I said, “Oh, we’re actually married. Not wearing a wedding band makes it hard...”

At which point she cut me off and said something about her fiance. Doug and I politely took the bait and asked questions about when she was getting married, and she volunteered all this information about her engagement and her husband-to-be.

After we had walked out the door, Doug asked me if I thought the girl was being very Michael Scott-ish:
Jan: Hello, Michael.
Michael: Hey, you.
Jan: I'm... returning your call, you said it was urgent.
Michael: It is urgent, I just wanted to call and wish you a happy birthday.
Jan: Well, today's not my birthday, so...
Michael: Really? 'Cause, I thought we had the same birthday.
Jan: [Pause] Happy birthday, Michael.
Michael: Thanks.

Good eye, Doug, good eye.

Monday, May 4

in honor of mother's day this weekend

As my mom always says, it was fashionable at the time.

Thanks for all the good times, Mom, and even some of the bad.

Friday, May 1

finals week

All studying, all the time.

Doug is a studying machine these days (which is not his favorite... trust me). He's getting through finals, and he's still trying to stay on top of his board review. As you can see, he's strategically placed his board flash cards around the house. I can't help but read them myself, so I assume I'll be ready to take the boards too in just a few months. Perfect.

Doug also met with his first patient yesterday! He was thrilled. He and another student were assigned to a patient who needed "stuff scraped off his teeth" (at least that's how my brain translated it when Doug told me the story). Because there was no teacher standing over him telling him what to do, Doug felt like the real deal. He loved it.