Thursday, August 30

a day in the life of the shafer fam

Enjoy this 2-minute glimpse into a normal day at the Shafer home. Grace does a trick with her tongue, Addy puts a stool on her head, and our house is a mess. Just the usual.

Is it just me, or does Addy totally look like this guy from Fat Albert:

Or maybe she's just a stool ghost. It's hard to say. Man, our children are talented.

Sunday, August 26

fashion forward

This girl has great taste.

She knows the importance of a good hat,

she knows how to accessorize,

she knows boots can complete an outfit,

and she knows swim shirts aren't just for the pool.

Wednesday, August 22

it had to be done

I have a confession: we cut Grace's hair.

I KNOW! It sounds like a sin. And in a way, it is. She was born with amazingly beautiful hair, right? But hear me out...

A few weeks ago Grace's dark, luscious locks started falling out. We found hairs all over her bed, her clothes, and us. Two of my nieces that started with hair like Grace's went through this, but it was still heartbreaking.

The hair on the top of her head was thick, long, and laying mega flat, but the sides were thinning like a "before" picture in a Rogaine ad. To complicate things, she'd worn a mother of a bald spot on the back of her head. The rest of the hair in the back was also thick, leaving a 2-inch rat-tail. Stylin'.

So we did something we would have never done a month ago... we cut her hair.



She endured the clippers and the scissors like it was no big deal. She didn't cry once. And while she still looks a bit George McFly-ish (I wasn't ready for Doug to get rid of too much on top), it's more even and better suited to help her hair grow out.

And, much to my relief, she still looks like our Gracie.

Sunday, August 19

portland temple

Today marks 23 years since they dedicated the Portland, Oregon Temple. I was 7 years old and living here in Oregon with my family at that time, and going to the temple open house made a big impression on me.

(In fact, Doug was also 7 years old and came to the open house too. We assume we saw each other on the tour, fell madly in love, and vowed to come back to that temple to get married. We were pretty goal-driven 7-year-olds.)

I love that we did end up getting married in Portland, and now we live only 30 minutes away. They have a new visitor's center and Stace and I took our kids there a few weeks ago to go through it.

Addy loves to see the temple (cue the Primary song?), so she had a blast checking things out. She's even told me she's going to marry her BFF Charlie there too. More power to you, sister.

Friday, August 17


Whoever said the South was bad for spiders clearly hadn't lived in the Northwest. Holy. Shnikeys.

We finally got our act together the other day and sprayed around our foundation and in the garage to stop them from creeping us out in the house. Well this morning I walked into the garage barefoot to do something really quick (barefoot... do you see where this is going?). I felt a crunch as I stepped down, and sure enough... I had crushed a dead, shriveled up spider. And it was squished onto my foot. As in, THE FLESH OF MY BODY.

Words can't describe the squeamish feelings that surged through my body in the 2 seconds it took to frantically scrape the remains off of my foot. I'm STILL cringing when I think about it.

But I have to admit, as much as it bothered me, I took it as karma for killing them all off. I guess the spiders had their revenge in the end.


Saturday, August 11

richmond, we hardly knew ye

An ode to the places in Richmond (and the surrounding areas) we miss most:

(We regret not taking more videos of us in our favorite spots, but have you heard me say enough that our last weeks there were insane in the membrane? Well, they were.)

cannon beach

On Monday we headed to Cannon Beach, beloved beach of my youth and "Goonies" hot spot. It's only an hour away, and in the peak of summer it's worthy of a swimsuit (the rest of the year you only go there in sweatshirts and pants).

Our beach baby (beach girl?) loved it, and as always she could have stayed there all day.


Grace never touched the sand, but she enjoyed sitting up and sleeping like a rockstar.

Friday, August 10

smell you later

I have great news for me and anyone I complain to: I can SMELL today.

My sense of smell has been coming back bit by bit for the past week, and since I haven't smelling since October or so, I'm pretty psyched.

However, I am surprised that there are so many scents I've forgotten about. Here's a list of smells I've rediscovered just today:
- Cinnamon
- Wet Luvs diapers
- B.O.
- Roses (ROSES!)
- Chocolate
- Paint fumes
- Addy's shampoo
- Laundry detergent
- Cologne
- Dish soap

and last and best of all...
- Baby skin! I've never really smelled Grace, and I swear I'm weirding her out because all I do is smell her neck. But oh MAN I love the smell of that baby!

Wednesday, August 8


Doug and I looked forward to the Oregon International Airshow for weeks. We live right by the airport, so we knew we'd have great (free!) seats. 

But we were completely unprepared for how. dang. LOUD the jets would be. They shook the house every time they rehearsed or performed, and Addy has gone from loving airplanes to saying, "The airplanes scare me in my room." Ay caramba.

So while it was a traumatic weekend for our girls, we still have to admit... jets are pretty freaking cool.

PS- Doug forced Gracie to take one for the team to make this video. You'll see.

Saturday, August 4

wish us luck

This young lady...

... is spending her first night in her new big girl bed.

(It's missing the headboard and her bedspread, but they're not ready yet and we were too excited to wait another day. But if tonight goes poorly, maybe we'll be happy to wait. You know, until she goes to college or something.)

Thursday, August 2

There are cards for everyone!!

and I now say this with great animation!! Hence the use of exclamation points.

Just as people grow tired of me finding new or repetitive ways to mention baseball cards in every conversation, I grow tired of the look Jackie gives me when I get excited about them. Yes, I know that it is childish to freak out at the prospect of getting a pack of cards for your birthday, because it might contain a cardstock (albeit very shiny cardstock) rectangle smaller than the palm of your hand portraying the face of one of you favorite ball players. Or nearly wet myself when I see a complete set-shaped package under the Christmas tree that promises many of those players. And yes I know that those same players couldn't care less about knowing me. But it is what is is, ok? I don't know why a chemical reaction occurs in my brain telling me that everything is good at present when Ryne Sandberg's picture flashes across my eyes as he is immortalized in a still shot of pure athletic prowess. But I do know that it just does.

Well, finally to my point.

Jackie and I recently got split up at Target and so as I found my way back to her, by way of the cards of course, I saw something that I knew she would appreciate, and at the same time validate me...

Yes, it was a complete set of Upper Deck (a sports card company)......History of the United States cards. Yes folks, she was excited about it. And yes I got an amazing deal on it.

And if that wasn't enough, we went to the Washington County Fair in Hillsboro, OR this las week. And guess what was being passed out at one of the booths?

Yeah, they were cow cards, and Addy couldn't let them out of her sight.

I consider this absolute, final and indisputable proof that cards are not just for dorks like me... Nope. They are for dorks like my entire family.

Well, at least I am in good company.

Wednesday, August 1

a makeover story

Part of getting settled in our new house has been hunting down cheap furniture and then fixing it up. And then taking a glamour shot of it.

Lucky for us, Oregon is the land of garage sales. It is ABSURD how many garage sales go on every weekend. It's also the land of the Goodwill Outlet, a bizarre place that marks down furniture so low that you can walk away with a nightstand or a dresser for $1.

So here was our first project: We wanted a cabinet to store a bunch of cluttered books and journals. We got this at a garage sale for super cheap. It has deep shelves inside, but obviously it was ugly. (Obviously.)



All it took was laminate-covering primer, trim, paint, and new handles. And a lot of arguing and sweating to get it upstairs into our bedroom.


So we have a new place. We're renting a house, and it rocks. I'll give you a tour once I have it all pieced together.

Our yard is about the size of a postage stamp, but the owners have it extremely landscaped. The plants are beautiful, and there's a chance I'm going to accidentally kill all of them. But in the mean time we're enjoying have our own lovely, teeny tiny space.

Addy chose her own swim gear to run through the sprinklers.