Tuesday, November 30


Our neighborhood is crawling with squirrels, and I admit the first time I drove Doug's carpool to the bus stop, I accidentally ran over a squirrel with the car. It was a good way for all of us to get to know each other.

Addy noticed the squirrels out our back door last week, and it's made for a daily treat for both of us.

I never thought I'd be thankful for squirrels., but they make her so happy that I hope they never stop scurrying around our backyard like bushy-tailed rats.


Sarah and Taylor Huckstep said...

If you are looking for some real entertainment for you and Addy - my brother constructed a squirrel launcher - it throws the little rats like 30 feet in the air!

janaya said...

i have to admit, this is the line that made me laugh:

"I drove Doug's carpool to the bus stop"


i have visions of metal lunchboxes and fully grown men jumping out the side of a mini-van yelling "thanks mom!"

love it.

Lindy said...

Just think, if you ever run out of food and the shelves at the store are bare, you know where to find fresh meat.

(Ractastic would not approve of that comment.)

Mortensen Baby Farm said...

Lindy...I may have just thrown up in my mouth a little!

FOOOOOD storage!