Thursday, February 7

so I guess I say that a lot?

If you ever wonder what phrases you use a lot, just listen to your 3-year-old.

Addy: "I saw a spider in my room and I. FREAKED. OUT."
Addy: "Can I have some of that buttter?"
Doug: "Oh, that's mustard. Not butter."
Addy: "That's not butter? Oh, I see."
Addy (every time she helps get Gracie up from a nap): "Well, hello my little poopy girl! How's my wittle baby? Hello! Hello!"
Addy (at any give time): CRAAAAP.


melissa said...

That's awesome. I notice the same things with Rush. Kids don't miss a single thing... Craaaaap...

Katie said...

Hilarious!! I say pretty much the same thing when I get Morgan up from a nap.

The Miles Family said...

Haha..that is too funny! I would love to hear her sweet little voice say those things! ;) I'm sure she keeps you laughing. Grace is getting so big...what in the world?!
Cute little family. Miss you guys!

Katie said...

I love it! You definitely learn what you say a lot with a little kid around. Wish I were around to hear Addy sounding like Jackie Jr!