Friday, March 15

nose job

Want an allergy update? Of course you do.

My allergist could not find hardly anything I'm allergic to in Oregon (yet). He DID however find that I have nasal polyps. A CT scan showed I have an "impressive" number of polyps throughout all four sets of sinuses. He referred me to an ENT, who I saw this week. The ENT plans to remove the polyps and fix a slight deviated septum on April 10. 

The surgery is a routine, out-patient procedure done with a scope, but it does involve breaking a few bones and such (to get to the polyps). So it should hurt for just a short while. There's potential for a black eye, and I almost hope I get one. Just to help my street cred.

In theory I'll get my smell and taste back (PLEASE!) and I'll get fewer sinus infections. The nasal polyps will most likely grow back, so I'll use a steroid nasal spray to hopefully slow their growth. I might need a surgery again in a few years, but I should get some relief for a while.

Bring on the nose job!

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