Friday, July 27

what a difference 2 months makes

With all our shenanigans, we missed the 2 month picture. So enjoy the jump from 1 month to 3. Chub-a-licious!

3 months

PS- She turns 4 months old tomorrow. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!


CYD said...

She's smiling?!?!? And oh, that hair. Cute!

Joy and Ted said...

What a doll! She really looks like her own girl. I love it!

Furniss Family said...

Wow, I can't believe she's 4 months old already!! That time has gone by so fast. She has grown a ton since I saw her and just so very darling!! Such a doll! Hope you guys are doing fabulous!

Dallings said...

I love the chub, she is beauty queen.