Sunday, January 23

how to strengthen your marriage

What do you get when you combine a zip line, paintball guns, and a bunch of married couples?

Redneck marriage therapy, of course.

Back at Christmastime my sisters and I opted out of playing paintball with the guys. But when one of the guys suggested the wives take free shots at their husbands as they went by on the zip line, we all jumped at the chance. (I think this is the white trash equivalent of a guy insisting you punch him in the stomach as hard as you can.)

A few of my sisters proved to be quite the sure shots... a couple of the husbands walked away with some serious welts in some seriously uncomfortable places. I think the wives found it surprisingly therapeutic.

Sadly, I managed to miss Doug entirely even though he went down the zip line twice for me. I was too ashamed to have him go down again. One theory is that our marriage is so solid that I subconsciously wanted to avoid hitting my one true love.

My theory? I have really, really crappy aim.


Katie said...

That's great therapy. What is with guys and paint ball? Let's just splat eggs or water balloons or something. Still fun, yet not so painful. Welt free fun.

CYD said...

i go w/ crappy aim. he's lucky his nipple didn't swell up like phil's. i still smile when i think of that. is that so wrong?

Liz Smith said...

ooo i could go for some of that therapy right now. :P

Mortensen Baby Farm said...

Cyd I just peed my pants! We took a picture of Dan's welts (ehem...all 4) and I laugh until my face hurts every time I look at them! Oh man...stupid idea guys...but let's do it again sometime!?