Sunday, May 8

To those who have borne us

Happy Mother’s Day to the mothers is my life.
I have specifically three to talk about today.

Numero Uno
Jackie – is the sweet, loving, capable, mother of my child. Jackie has done such a wonderful job turning Addy into the happy dispositioned and healthy little girl that she is. She turns our little apartment into a clean and peaceful home.

Shawn – is the mother who bore me for nine months, gave birth to me and then has borne me for years since. She took the charge to teach me how to be a good person

Joyce – is the mother of the mother of my child. She raised and reared Jackie and turned her into the amazing woman that she is.

When these women’s powers combine they have the power to move mountains and bring happiness and order in a world where that is not found in all corners. They have worked wonders and make me such a happy man, and the world is better because of them. They have collaborated to make me a better man, and all of you are thinking that perhaps they missed the mark there, but you should’ve seen me before. They are superwomen in my life, and I know that I am blessed that they are mine. Thank you ladies for all you do to better the lives of those around you.

I love you.

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Michal Thompson said...

Your so sweet dougie