Sunday, January 1

weirdest way to bring in the new year

We flew home from Washington late last night. We knew we had no food in our house, so at 11:50 pm we made an executive decision to run to the grocery store before we went home. Since Addy was on West Coast time and had taken a rocking nap on the plane (HALLELUJAH), she was feeling great.

So that's how we found ourselves at Kroger with our 1-year-old at midnight. We were the only customers in the store at 12:00, so we just shouted happy new year to each other, smooched, and then finished our self-checkout. And when they made an announcement over the PA wishing everyone a happy 2012, we knew it was just for us. Thanks, Kroger.

So bring it on, 2012! We have a feeling you're going to be a great one.

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CYD said...

You guys really know how to keep the romance alive. Ha!!