Wednesday, October 9


I get why so many people think their kid is a genius. Because one second they're barely able to say their name, and then the next second they can draw a self-portrait AND write their name.

She is, like, SO gifted.


Katie said...

That is QUITE impressive. I'd say she's gifted:)

Karisa and John said...

I hope you enrolled Addy in one of those fast-track-to-Princeton preschools!

Benson drew a picture the other day of a bunch of different colored circles intersecting (red + yellow = orange, blue = yellow = green, etc.), and when John saw it, he said, "Oh my gosh! Benson drew a picture of cell mitosis!" I had to break it to John that I think Benson was just mixing colors, and nothing more. (But I guess it could have been cell mitosis that Benson was trying to illustrate.)