Sunday, October 6

roloff farm

When the weather is gorgeous and you want to make the annual trek to a pumpkin patch, you head to Roloff Farm. It's 10 minutes from home, and it just had to be done.

I thought it'd be cheesy or expensive because of the TV show, but it was neither. Huzzah! We spent two hours there (about an hour more than my usual patch stamina), playing in the kid area, launching things with a giant slingshot, getting lost in a corn maze, etc. and etc. And walked off with a small cute white pumpkin (Addy's choice).

And when Amy Roloff came by and was taking pictures with people, I knew I had to do it. I was certain it would give my sister Jessica heart failure--I couldn't resist.

Train ride? Yes, please!

Cute pumpkin cigar?

Random mermaids visiting from the aquarium? Okay!

Top of the hay pyramid. Victory.

Finally got those sunglasses off for a picture... but apparently she really needed them

Pumpkin fan

We tried for a picture of the two of them. This will do.

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