Saturday, March 19

dunlop family pics

When my family was together for Christmas, my sister Jessica took pictures for us at this old steel factory in Birmingham.

The original 7

Jessica does great work, and with everything going on with our dad, it was great to wrangle all 27 of us for these shots.

Plus, we were overdue for updates. My mom likes to hang up matching pictures of the families taken on the same day, so the last picture she has hanging up of "my family" is just me... pre-Doug, pre-Addy. Yeah, long overdue.


whitney said...

love them!!! what a beautiful family! jackie, i'm glad your own growing family can finally be documented on your mom's wall. :)

Liz Smith said...

great pictures! such a gorgeous family. :)

Mortensen Baby Farm said...

Loved every second of it! Our family ROCKS!