Monday, March 7

kite runnered

On Saturday we went to a kite festival at a local park. There were booths, food, bands, kite demonstrations, and a gabillion people flying kites.

Parking was a nightmare (NIGHTMARE), but it was warm and windy and ideal for kites and blowing Addy's feathery hair. Heck, even Ben Franklin seemed to be enjoying himself.

BUT... we learned that there were some people that weren't just there for fun. They were handing out free kites, so Doug let ours go for a while. He could see this small little yellow kite that was weaving in and out of all the others. He was impressed with how well it would cut and move around without getting tangled. At one point he saw it get near ours, and then fly away... cutting our string and letting our kite fly free! The dude TOTALLY kite runnered us.

Doug was not pleased (and neither was the 7-year-old and his dad near us that also got their kite cut). Soon after, though, we happened upon the yellow kite duo that was attacking everybody. See them below in blue?

Doug watched them for a while and realized they were hardcore. In fact, they were so hardcore that he felt honored to have his free kite cut by them. No harm done.


Lindy said...

I'm very surprised that Benjamin Franklin tolerated that kind of poor kite sportsmanship. I assumed he would be there to deal out justice and bifocals in equal parts.

Megan said...

I have never been kite runnered, but it looks like it was simultaneously awesome and lame.

Love Addy's hair, and the picture of her looking up at the kites.

The Fox Family said...

What a fun Saturday activity! I had no idea people were so serious about there kite flying!

Mortensen Baby Farm said...

Oh man...I don't know what I like better...Addy's flowing locks or old Ben back for a visit!

I would not do well with the my kite being cut...can you imagine the drama I would cause? Sheesh!