Monday, March 28

sb in sc

We spent Doug's spring break in Hilton Head, SC. We scored a gorgeous house with some other graduate students, and it was a beautifully snooty place. We loved the beaches, the history, the dolphins, the alligators, the weather, and the peeps.

Addy was quite the beach baby... she loved the sand and even the coolish water (she cried one day when we tried to leave!)

Dolphin Tour

Spanish moss all around
Harbour Village
Pinckney Island Wildlife Refuge

Birthday girls

Wiiing (got that?) after the kids were in bed

See the dolphin just off the shore? So cool
Big thanks to Andrew who worked hard to get deals on the house and the dolphin tour, and mad props to everyone for making it such a fun trip!


KaSs MiLeS said...

K that picture of addy sitting in the sand is awesome, I want to squeeze he chubby thighs. So cute!

Lindy said...

That looks so fun! I hope that no one got eaten by an alligator. That would put a slight damper on what otherwise looks like a perfect spring break.

Katie said...

Ah, that was the best. We loved being there with you!

The Fox Family said...

I like the part where Emily say's the dolphins are as beautiful as Doug...what the heck!?! haha

Liz Smith said...

bah! i have been wanting to go to hilton head for forever now! it looks awesome. *sigh* how i miss the beach. glad you guys had a great time!!

Furniss Family said...

Looks like a super fun trip :) Glad you all had so much fun! What a neat place too.

Mortensen Baby Farm said...

Oh that just looks like so much fun!!!