Wednesday, December 28

beach quad-ing

While we were in Oregon, the Wolfe's took us 4-wheeling on the beach. There are dunes and a stretch of the ocean reserved just for quads. Total redneck bliss. Plus, it was like we were on Baywatch, except we were wearing snow clothes instead of bikinis. We loved it.

Doug wanted to document that blue skies do in fact exist in the Northwest. Yeah, yeah, yeah...

We took the kids to play on the non-4-wheeling part of the beach, and all Addy wanted to do was run straight into the water. Are snow pants a flotation device?
After lunch we went to a part of the dunes called the Bowl. Guys were riding straight up the side. At first we were in awe that they had the guts to do it, and then of course the guys and my sisters had to take their turns trying it out. Gave me a friggin' heart attack, but they said it was a-mazing.

 Mom, Jess, Stace, Me, and Dad (and someone via cell phone?)

So 4-wheeling at the beach... who knew it was so great?

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CYD said...

looks awesome!!! so jealous. And that was ME on the cell phone. I was talking to dad and he said hold on, i'm smiling for a pic. ha!