Wednesday, December 28

i turned 30

In classic Jackie form, I let my birthday last for as long as possible. Stage 1 was joined with our anniversary New York trip.

Stage 2 came as a total surprise.
We raced over to the Hutchison's from our Branch Christmas party for what I thought was our annual "Elf" movie night, but turned out it was really a night full of birthday glee. I seriously was so caught off guard... when they first yelled surprise, my birthday was the last thing on my mind. I thought, "Surprise it's a Christmas party?" Apparently turning 30 makes you slow.

The cookie game

The jingle bell game... 
...making fools of pregnant women everywhere

 Stage 2 was awesome. Thanks again, Richmonders!

Stage 3 was across the country in Oregon. My sister Stacey turned 40 just a few days before me, so we got to celebrate with her, my parents, and my sister, Jessica. And of course, my family spoiled me rotten when it was my big day. They even got me 30 small gifts for turning 30. I can't wait until I turn 50!!

On the evening of my birthday we headed up to Washington to be with Doug's parents and to commence Stage 4, where Doug's mom had a cake waiting for me. Holla!

So as you can see, turning 30 isn't bad. I'm grateful for the friends and family that mocked me for getting old and decrepit, but then enveloped me in love. Thanks again!


Michal Thompson said...

happy birthday, what a fun party

Karisa and John said...

All right! I love doing birthweek instead of birthday too. I've been nervous about turning 30 in a month, but your post made it seem pretty sweet.