Tuesday, March 6

addy's prayer

Given at breakfast this morning, totally uncoached:


Thank day.
Bess Daddy.
Bess Addy (points at herself).
Bess Baby Perry.
Bess Mommy feel better.
Bess Jesus feel better.
Bess bananas (points at them on the counter).

Name Jesus,


madeline said...

oh my sweetness. love love love.

Alicia said...

Love it. :) Kids really do get the point of prayer, sometimes better than adults. I mean, bananas need blessings too! ;)

Katie said...

your child is adorable!

Stacey said...

How are you going to stop calling the baby, "Baby Perry"? What girls names can have the nickname "Perry"?

Mortensen Baby Farm said...

I can't stop laughing...oh man...glad you are writing this down! Good stuff!

Liz Smith said...

That is AWESOME! Lol.