Thursday, March 1


Our time on the east coast is rapidly coming to an end. Which kills me. But it's motivated us to get together with my NJ sisters as much as possible before we move. It's tough that this is a busy time for us (kids in school, people working, people taking board exams, babies birthing, etc.), so last weekend we opted to meet half-way... in beautiful Baltimore.

It was awesome. Cue the photos:

National Aquarium


The dolphin show... it was no Sea World, but we'll take it

Addy, Chasey & the Inner Harbor

Synchronized swimming

Grandma Joyce Jammies

Dunlop kids love shows. So sue us.
Addy & Lucy entertaining themselves at lunch

Mo's Crabs & Pasta... it was delish

We stayed right across the street from Camden Yards... here's an artsy shot in front of our hotel

Matchy match with Cousin Eliza

At the Babe Ruth Birthplace museum

Doug drooled over these ancient baseball cards


Tyson and Jen said...

could you guys be any more fun? our travels are done for a bit....are yours? perhaps now we should play? sweet. ready set go!

Lindy said...

Oh, you let your kids watch tv? Oh...okay.

Also, I LOVED the synchronized swimming!

Stacey said...

Way impressed with the synchronized swimming shot! Nice one!! Fun times!!

You're nesting instincts are being put to good use. Good luck getting everything else done.