Sunday, March 18

sometimes you're a grown up and you still get spring break

Question: What do you do when your husband is almost 30 and still gets spring break?

Answer: Whatever the heck you want.

My "condition" complicated things a bit since I'm due any day now, but we still had a great time chilaxing this past week on our home turf. We even slept in most days thanks to Daylight Savings messing with Addy's internal clock. BLISS.

Doug's brother and his wife stayed with us a few days before they joined up with her family for a reunion. We played outside, showed our nephews the snakes at 3 Lakes Park, and played Super Mario (duh). We had a blast, yet somehow I took zero pictures to prove it (how?).

On Friday we woke up to more ridiculously warm weather, so we decided last minute to head to the beach at Yorktown. Addy was 100% in her element.

I can't tell you how many times we had to stop her from diving into the freezing cold water. I'm pretty sure the beach is her heaven.
We scored and got to watch a submarine come past us on it's way to the naval station. It was only a couple hundred yards away. Seriously so cool.

Hey! A beached whale! Oh wait... no, that's just me 9 months pregnant. Zing!

So here's to spring breaks, husbands still in school, and cool places so close to home.

PS- Wouldn't it have been awesome if the baby had come while Doug had an entire week off? Apparently Baby Perry didn't get the memo... or maybe she just really wanted us to go to the beach?


Hksedwick said...


Furniss Family said...

Looks like you had a fun spring break, even if the baby didn't decide to come. That sure would have been awesome though, to have the baby with Doug home all week :)

Karisa and John said...

Oh my gosh, I'm starting to freak out. YOU'RE DUE! I didn't realize it was NOW! I thought it was in a month or something. Okay Karisa, calm down. This isn't happening to you.

Good luck with Little Perry! I'll stay glued to your blog. How exciting!

Michal Thompson said...

graduating was a mix of emotions, definitely miss spring break and summers, never the same. But it is nice to have an income!

AnnaYoung said...

Dude, does Addy's skirt come in my size?! Also, you look totally fab. I heart your outfit : ) And I'd like to point out you still have sexy, slim ankles (Clara's dance teacher complimented me on mine, so I'm just paying that forward ; )