Monday, December 30

operation: happiest place on earth

When my parents suggested we meet them in Disneyland for Christmas, we simply could not say no. I was so nervous things would fall through or get hindered (for a million different reasons), but it turned out to be a simply wonderful week.

They aren't kidding when they call it the happiest place on earth!

My sister Cydney made these incredible Minnie hoodies

A highlight for me! We'd been waiting in line to meet Minnie, but suddenly she had to leave. They were escorting her away so I just planned to take a picture of Addy with Minnie in the background. Minnie was signing an autograph, noticed Addy standing 3 feet away, and seriously pulled Addy in. I thought Addy would burst!

My dad was the only adult among us that could handle the teacups. He did them twice! 

The Christmas decorations were incredible

The Christmas parade was delightful
 It was mega crowded, but the holiday decorations, amazing weather, and one-on-one time with Grandma and Grandpa made it all worth it!

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Joy and Ted said...

You guys are just the funnest! Let's do Disney together someday, okay? You know that I want an invite to your private blog, right? I do not get on very often, but it sure makes me happy when I do! Wish you were on instagram because that is the only way I post these days. Love ya Jackie!