Thursday, December 11

we're all swallowing 8 spiders a year

I am a big supporter of, a website devoted entirely to exposing the truth behind urban legends, email forwards, and other internet facts that get circulated so much that we begin to think they're true. If I ever get a forward that makes me say “NO WAY!” or “SHUT. UP.”, I head to Snopes to see if there really is no way or if it really should shut up.

It's enlightening--try it.

Now I don't know what makes me trust Snopes implicity, but I guarantee they do more research than I ever would on my own. And I respect someone that works harder than I do. And I recently started to respect them more after reading this story:

Oh the irony. A woman clearly writes that she’s making up the fact that we eat 8 spiders a year, and next thing you know I’m hearing it from a friend in college. She believed it and so did I. But Snopes? They didn't. They did their homework and now they're letting me sleep better at night.

So if in doubt, brothers and sisters, check out Snopes. It will save you from needless worry and spider eating. Trust me.


hermanfox said...

THANK YOU Dunlop-Schafer, (that's what I feel like calling you right now) I was worried about the spider consumption thing too. Rock on.

hermanfox said...

sorry, it's shafer. i put the c in there to stand for "cool" though, because you're so cool, in case you want to start spelling your name like that.

whitney said...

thank you. i feel much better.

The Barnos said...
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The Mortensens said...

STOP!!! I hate spiders as you know, but to think of swallowing them while I sleep only makes it worse!! Dan has always told me that if they don't get into my mouth they may just choose to go in through my nose!

Raise your hand if you just had a full body shiver!