Thursday, October 27

doug + addy take on the utah

Last weekend Doug and Addy flew to Utah for Grandpa Warren's funeral. It was really important to us that Doug be there with his family, but the second we started to consider sending Addy with him was the second I started to feel like I would puke. And when I sobbed the 24 hours before they left, I knew I was in for a loooong weekend.

Most importantly, they had a wonderful time and loved celebrating Grandpa's life. It was a quick trip, but they got some quality family time in (Doug's entire immediate family was there... so awesome), saw friends we miss like crazy (that's you, Allers), and even saw real live mountains (no offense, east coast).

But just so you know, I survived. I got a lot done and I napped when I felt like it, but I can't deny that I'd just rather do stuff with my family. Give me a day to myself and I'll walk away rested. Give me four days? I'll start to lose it. Let's just say Perry and I talked more than we've ever talked before.


KaSs MiLeS said...

Wow, that would be very hard. Way to make it through!

Michal Thompson said...

funny how we wish for just a few moments to do something we WANT to do, give us too much and we hate it!