Saturday, October 22

the 3-face squish

I've been scanning old pictures (again) because some of these I haven't looked at in like 10 years. And I'm noticing a photographic pattern...

And you know what? I have more.

Man, I'm really one to get into a posing slump! But I guess when you find a formula that works, you just gotta repeat it.


KaSs MiLeS said...

So this is totally random, but are you having another c-section? Or doing a vbac? I gotta say that a planned c-section is a beautiful thing,so much easier and way less stress than the first time around via emergency. I was way nervous the second time,but it went so smoothly. Plus recovery is easier, seems like your body remembers what to do. Sorry, that was random, just curious even though it's totally NONE of my business.

Lindy said...

Oh the traditional family portrait pose? You can never fail with that. Ever.