Thursday, October 6

hitting the sauce

While we were in Charlottesville we also stopped at Carter Mountain Orchard for some apples.

It had rained earlier that day, so it was preeeetty muddy, but their apples are so good we trudged through it anyway. Doug especially took one for the team.
Later that night Mom helped me make a LOT of apple sauce using this fancy, shmancy tool she brought that's definitely older than me. It worked like a dream.
We have enough apple sauce to feed the neighborhood, so thank goodness Addy especially can down the stuff like candy.


Charity Brown said...

oh man... my mom used to have one of those machines when we were little! i LOVED it! do they still make them?

Alicia said...

Too bad Kara hates applesauce. It looks so yummy!

heather said...

When I lived in VA when I was really young, we would always go apple picking and make our own applesauce! This brought back tons of memories. How awesome that your mom got to join in the fun with you!

Mortensen Baby Farm said...

Fun!!!!! You look super cute by the way! (so did mom in her cute little fall outfit!)

Mortensen Baby Farm said...

Tell Doug it kinda made me laugh to see him covered in mud. Kinda sorta a lot actually!