Sunday, November 6

i wish i had stock in kleenex

...because I'm pretty sure I'm helping keep them in business.

I started saving tissue boxes in mid-September when I thought I might use them for a Halloween thing. I ended up with 15 or so boxes, and that wasn't even all that I used in that time.

 This allergy thing is getting out of hand.

 But on the bright side, I'm getting to be quite the connoisseur of facial tissue. I'll put together a spreadsheet for you if you'd like.


Charity Brown said...

Sheesh. I wish I had read this post before doing today's Primary thing. I had to go out and buy a box just to empty for that bell game. Hahahaha. Bummer! :(

jen and michael said...

Eat a tablespoon of local honey a day to help alleviate your allergies.

Mortensen Baby Farm said...

oh dear...maybe see if kiinex needs a writer for a blog or something. make some money off of it!

AnnaYoung said...

I am currently stockpiling cereal boxes to create a 'theater front' for Clara under the counter bar in our kitchen. . . I'm pretty sure General Mills and Kelloggs would suffer if the Youngs weren't helping them.

Also, I've heard the honey thing. And I believe it. Because I also believe raw garlic and onions kill anything in your system that doesn't belong (viruses, bacteria, etc etc etc). But seriously. The honey thing makes actual sense. The garlic/onion thing is just my brand of crazy. : )