Saturday, February 14

day of st. valentine

Sometimes you get dumped on Valentine's Day (Jackie, 2003).

Sometimes you don't want to say "I love you" yet on Valentine's Day and it makes things weird (Doug, 2006).

Sometimes you sleep in and eat french toast and help someone move and clean the house and feel surprised that this is your type of Valentine's Day celebration just because you're together (Jackie & Doug, 2009).

Whatever you do, wherever you go, we hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day.



the meyersons said...

How dreamy. You two are so romantical.

Sedwick Family said...

years ending in multiples of three, interesting.

KaSs MiLeS said...

i hung out with my mom and caught up with jerome at 9. :0)

Monica McCoy said...

Totally, I went to Albertsons to do some shopping and had the missionaries over for dinner. Happy Love Day!

Liz Smith said...

blegh...i remember V-Day 2003. booo. im glad theyve gotten better since then. you two are tooo cute for words. :)