Friday, April 17


Ever since an unfortunate incident that I like to call The Vertigo Puking Expo of Pioneer Day Weekend 2005 (or TVPEOPDW05) I've been hit with bouts of vertigo from time to time. Before TVPEOPDW05, I had little appreciation for the seriousness of severe dizziness. In fact, I had no idea it was possible to get spontaneously dizzy from turning your head, moving your limbs, or even blinking weird, and then to suddenly have to throw up not matter where you or what you're doing.

While this is a bummer of a deal no matter where you are, to complicate things TVPEOPDW05 hit me whilst visiting the family of a guy I was dating. I managed to vomit in every toilet in their home my first full day there. Classy. (I’m sure his parents were relieved when we later broke up.) In fact, I didn’t stop throwing up until a full day later when a doctor recommended I try Benadryl. Apparently an ear infection had caused the vertigo, so Benadryl did the trick—the vomiting stopped, but the vertigo didn’t for a good week after.

Ever since TVPEOPDW05, I get a bit of vertigo every few months. Sometimes it hits after I’ve had a cold and my ears are messed up, other times it comes out of nowhere just for kicks.

Last night as I got out of the car after work, the world suddenly flipped and I felt super dizzy. It was very Lucille 2-ish. It's still going strong today. And while I have yet to lose my lunch, I’m being cautious and not turning my head fast or making any sudden movements. (You should see my drive a car—it’s really safe.) And just to spice things up, we're heading to a ward campout tonight. I've always wanted to puke outdoors, and this just may be my big chance.

So in the words of U2:
Hello, Hello (¡Hola!)
I'm at a place called Vertigo (¿Dónde está?)
It's everything I wish I didn't know
Except you give me something I can feel,

Lucille 2 and I agree, Bono.


the Allers said...

Although its a fabulous reference, I really really hope that song gives Bono vertigo.

Also - isn't it spectacular that Benadryl does the trick? I mean really - who decided "Hey - BENADRYL!" They don't even know why antihistamines work. Crazy doctors!

Might I suggest lying down perfectly still whilst at work - I'm sure they won't mind. Good luck!

Mike and Nicole said...

I'm sorry to hear that. When I studied audiology there seemed to be a treatment that totally cured the vertigo but a series of head movements. (I'm sure you already know this), but there is a "crystal" piece that has broken off or has come loose in your inner ear so that's why the head movements are supposed to help move it so that you don't get dizzy anymore. I'm don't know if it works for all cases but it's worth looking into. Here's an article that I found real quick that kind of talks about it.

Lindy said...

I hope that your ward campout doesn't involve any sport shorting because for someone who's world is spinning, that could end quite tragically.

Also, I have heard that the cure for vertigo is toe touches. Give it a try.

Suzanne said...

Would it make you feel any better if I told you that Boss Lady also suffers from vertigo?

What, that doesn't make you feel better? Weird...

I agree with Lindy. Toe touches for sure. And then some somersaults. But I think it only works if you videotape it and post it on your blog.

(P.S. Puking is the absolute worst thing a body can do. I'M SO SORRY, DUDE.)

Mandi said...

yeah... so much for carnival rides and cartwheels.. I can relate

Mortensen Baby Farm said...

For someone that doesn't puke well...I feel sorry for you. Try not to puke on the couch or the floor - mom will get mad at ya. Sheesh! One time!

Have you tried drinking water upside down while singing? Oh wait...that was a mean treat dad did to me once. Never mind.

Stacey said...

Ugh!!! So sorry!

Mom said...

ONE TIME? Jess, get your facts right. And if she wasn't almost an adult, I might have handled it differently. Doug - keep a pan handy when she's sick, that's all I have to say.

Kelli said...

Oh lovely! I got those last year from an ear infection too because apparently Lubbock has lots of dust that loves to root down deep. It was super fun and after a full ER visit my doogie houser doctor says, just sleep it off. Right, like you can sleep with the world turning! Hope you feel better soon!