Monday, August 25

spray paint: it aint just for gang tags anymore

We've enjoyed updating some furniture for our new place lately.

2 yard sale nightstands with a nice early 90s style became...

...painted nightstands with new handles and a semi-hidden 90s style. $10 put to good use, I'd say.

An end table that was handed down from Doug's parents to Ben and Whit and from them to us became this black beauty. We also tweaked this lamp from Cydney. We likey.

High fives to Cyd for giving us the idea to have a spray painting extravaganza, and to Jenn for getting the ball rolling!


Suzanne said...

Cute! Glossy black spray paint is one of my favorite decorating tools. And also the reason Shane doesn't let me go to garage sales or thrift stores anymore.

Kadi said...

Nice work! You guys are so awesome...Joel and I have so many pieces of furniture(and when I say many, I really mean like one or two, or maybe three) that we have been meaning to paint and fix up and they have been in our house for years...5 years, looking like they need to be fixed up or thrown way to go! Get er done.

Fun times at the beach. I want to be there with you guys!!

Monica said...

Very very cool!

Lindy said...

Who knew you would turn out to be my crafty and artsy friend? I'm calling your Bishop to suggest you get put in charge of Enrichment. Yes I said it. The only way to stop me is with twenty bucks. And some chocolate covered cinnamon bears.

The Mortensen's said...

Welcome to the world of spray paint! Sadly it never ends...tooooo addicting!

I just updated a clock that needed extra help! Good times!