Thursday, September 4

employees must wash hands

Whenever I see these signs in public restrooms I secretly hope that everyone realizes this rule applies to them to.


the Allers said...

me too! I always wonder - "Employee's"? Why not "Everyone"? Or "YOU!". Side note - there's an older lady in our office that doesn't think that sign applies to her. Sigh.

janaya said...

i think all bathrooms should just have a sign that says "anyone who thinks a splash of water, a single paper towel, or not washing their hands period is DISGUSTING!" with an extended version in the boys bathroom that says "and just because you didn't use toilet paper doesn't exclude you!"

Lindsay said...

When I was an employee at a local buffet chain, all employees were required to use the employee bathroom, where the sink was outside. There was a security camera that was trained on the sink and the clock. Management reviewed the footage periodically to ensure that all employees washed their hands with sudsy sudsy soap for a minimum of 20 seconds.
Don't eat there though, because the management has gone downhill since I left.

Addendum to Janaya's post:

the extended version in the boys bathroom should say "the hand washing rule goes double for YOU, seeing as you don't use toilet paper."

Lindy said...

I would definitely support a law that allows the government to put cameras in each American's house right near the sinks. Every time a toilet flushes they will be watching to make sure hands are being washed. Every time.

Then, if you don't wash your hands, then you get the death penalty.

The Barnos said...

I hope the same. I also hope that some grimy rebelling teenager doesn't purposely not wash his hands to be tough. Because that is not cool or tough.

Lindsay said...

I can see it now. Some government official sitting in a giant room with millions of screens, monitoring every American in their hygienic duties. How much would a job like that pay...?
I keep hand sanitizer on my desk at work. I make my students use it. Is that wrong of me?