Friday, September 12

richmond national battlefield park

Fact: There were four major campaigns during the Civil War in Richmond (the Confederate capital).

Fact: The Richmond National Battlefield park preserves more than 1900 acres of Civil War resources in 13 units around the city and surrounding areas.

Fact: These units are a short drive from our house. Like 20 minutes! YES!

Fact: I LOVE this type of stuff. Doug... likes it when he has to.

Fact: We visited 2 sites. At the Cold Harbor battlefield, you can still see the trenches both armies dug (see photo of Doug and trenches dug. Ha ha.). We thought this was really interesting. This was one of the first times they were wising up and using trench warfare instead of just marching towards each other to die. Good move.

Fact: Homes near the Gaines' Mill battlefield still proudly sport the Confederate flag, one even opting to paint their mailbox post like a gigantic flag--for Dixie!

Fact: The National Park Service runs said park, yet the presentation still felt slightly biased towards said Dixie. (Or am I biased the other way??)

Fact: I truly appreciate what the men on both sides sacrificed to settle our nation's fate.

Fact: I liked it so much, that I hope to hit up the rest of the park soon. I just have to see whether Doug can stomach it or not. Sorry, man. 



the meyersons said...

That's cool and all but how many plaques did you stop and read, Joyce?


This would be my own personal hell.

Michael and Lindsay Condie said...

Wow! Finally someone else who appreciates history!!! I love it! Also, I don't mind you stalking my blog, that's what they're for--right?

The Miles Family said...

That's awesome! I want to go see the park someday soon. Thank you again for the yummy goodies! That was so sweet of you. :0)

AnnaYoung said...

I won't lie, most of my civil war knowledge comes from the movie "Gone With the Wind". But TYler's dad is right htere with you!

Oh I wish I was in Dixie. . . oh-ay (or maybe its away)