Thursday, August 2

There are cards for everyone!!

and I now say this with great animation!! Hence the use of exclamation points.

Just as people grow tired of me finding new or repetitive ways to mention baseball cards in every conversation, I grow tired of the look Jackie gives me when I get excited about them. Yes, I know that it is childish to freak out at the prospect of getting a pack of cards for your birthday, because it might contain a cardstock (albeit very shiny cardstock) rectangle smaller than the palm of your hand portraying the face of one of you favorite ball players. Or nearly wet myself when I see a complete set-shaped package under the Christmas tree that promises many of those players. And yes I know that those same players couldn't care less about knowing me. But it is what is is, ok? I don't know why a chemical reaction occurs in my brain telling me that everything is good at present when Ryne Sandberg's picture flashes across my eyes as he is immortalized in a still shot of pure athletic prowess. But I do know that it just does.

Well, finally to my point.

Jackie and I recently got split up at Target and so as I found my way back to her, by way of the cards of course, I saw something that I knew she would appreciate, and at the same time validate me...

Yes, it was a complete set of Upper Deck (a sports card company)......History of the United States cards. Yes folks, she was excited about it. And yes I got an amazing deal on it.

And if that wasn't enough, we went to the Washington County Fair in Hillsboro, OR this las week. And guess what was being passed out at one of the booths?

Yeah, they were cow cards, and Addy couldn't let them out of her sight.

I consider this absolute, final and indisputable proof that cards are not just for dorks like me... Nope. They are for dorks like my entire family.

Well, at least I am in good company.

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i'm jackie. he's doug. said...

Perhaps Doug is just brainwashing us? :)