Sunday, August 19

portland temple

Today marks 23 years since they dedicated the Portland, Oregon Temple. I was 7 years old and living here in Oregon with my family at that time, and going to the temple open house made a big impression on me.

(In fact, Doug was also 7 years old and came to the open house too. We assume we saw each other on the tour, fell madly in love, and vowed to come back to that temple to get married. We were pretty goal-driven 7-year-olds.)

I love that we did end up getting married in Portland, and now we live only 30 minutes away. They have a new visitor's center and Stace and I took our kids there a few weeks ago to go through it.

Addy loves to see the temple (cue the Primary song?), so she had a blast checking things out. She's even told me she's going to marry her BFF Charlie there too. More power to you, sister.

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Dustin said...

I was at the portland open house also, crazy!