Wednesday, August 22

it had to be done

I have a confession: we cut Grace's hair.

I KNOW! It sounds like a sin. And in a way, it is. She was born with amazingly beautiful hair, right? But hear me out...

A few weeks ago Grace's dark, luscious locks started falling out. We found hairs all over her bed, her clothes, and us. Two of my nieces that started with hair like Grace's went through this, but it was still heartbreaking.

The hair on the top of her head was thick, long, and laying mega flat, but the sides were thinning like a "before" picture in a Rogaine ad. To complicate things, she'd worn a mother of a bald spot on the back of her head. The rest of the hair in the back was also thick, leaving a 2-inch rat-tail. Stylin'.

So we did something we would have never done a month ago... we cut her hair.



She endured the clippers and the scissors like it was no big deal. She didn't cry once. And while she still looks a bit George McFly-ish (I wasn't ready for Doug to get rid of too much on top), it's more even and better suited to help her hair grow out.

And, much to my relief, she still looks like our Gracie.


Brittany said...

She is so stinking cute! Way to be brave and take the plunge. Livy has the same bald spot pattern/hair loss thing going on (but her hair wasn't ever as thick and awesome as Gracie's).

Furniss Family said...

She is so cute still, I LOOOVE how chunky she is getting too. Baby rolls are the best! My boys were both born with dark thick hair, it eventually all fell out like that and came in super blonde. Maybe she will be a blonde after all :) Hope you guys are doing well.