Wednesday, November 26

an attitude of gratitude

With so much I can (and do) complain about each day, I wish every week I could feel like I do this week: full of gratitude.

We're not ridiculously rich, popular, or good looking, but sometimes a girl just feels hooked up, know what I mean?

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.


Kadi said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I agree...though I'm having a hard time being grateful for anything right least we are all alive and I do love my family...can't wait to see you guys!

janaya said...

i beg to differ on the good looking thing. you're smokin. :)

AnnaYoung said...

I think your'e pretty popular. I've never known anyone to get over 20 comments on one blog post before : )

Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

The Mortensens said...

Funny, cute and popular eh?