Wednesday, November 12

survey says...

Thanks to all that participated in my public restroom survey! The overwhelming response from you, my beloved friends and family, lets me know that I'm not the only hyperanalytical, OCD one out there. Thank you.

So what were the super-scientific results? I've sifted through the data and this list shows the stalls ranked by popularity (1 being the most preferred):
1. Stall 1
2. Stall 4
3. Stall 6
4. Stall 5
5. Stalls 2 & 3 (a tie)
6. The sink

So after careful analysis, here's my conclusion: Most of my coworkers are either using the first stalls or the last stalls. Or they're using the middle stalls. Or the sink.

Really, that's all I can conclude. So if I really want the peace of mind of having my own bathroom, I'll either need to (a) stop overthinking this issue and just use the restroom like a normal person or (b) start driving home every time I need the security of my own bathroom.



janaya said...

if you watched seinfeld, like normal people, then you'd know that there's a third option. (c) pretend you have a handicap, like a bad leg, and get your own private handicap bathroom... and maybe even a motorized wheelchair.

Suzanne said...

You could bring a chamber pot to work and keep it under your desk?? This might make your coworkers a little awkward at first, but they'll adapt.

Anonymous said...

going along the seinfeld thought could just go in the office parking deck.

giddy up!