Wednesday, November 12

tag time

Brittany photo-tagged me! And since this was a fun, easy tag, I was happy to comply.

So here's the fourth picture in the fourth folder of our computer's photo collection:

This is Doug on his first day of his new job at the physical therapy office. I already blogged about this, and I was careful to note that his smile was 100% forced by his pushy wife. Poor, poor Doug.

Let the tagging continue! I invite my sisters and sister-in-laws to participate (that means YOU, Stace, Jess, Cyd, Jenn, Kadi, and Whit).


Brad & Tonya said...

Hey thanks for stalking us!! How are things over there... where ever you are!?!? I like the blog, and hopefully we can stay in touch better than the past 4 years or so. THanks again for saying hi!! HAve a great thanksgiving!!

Liz Smith said...

thanks for the b-day wishes and for stalking me on our blog! i hope you guys are going well and loving post-byu life. :)

Liz Smith said...

i meant to say doing's still early and im not fully functional.