Tuesday, November 25


I am in love with this hairspray. It rocks my world. I've told Doug again and again about the depth of my devotion to this hair product, but I just don't think he gets it. Perhaps he feels threatened.

I once saw a woman attempt to go through airport security with one of those gigantor Tresemmé bottles, and you better believe the TSA guys snagged it. I'm not sure what universe this woman was from that made her think it could pass as a 3-ounce liquid bottle, but when you take into account how awesome it is, can you really blame her for trying?


Michael and Lindsay Condie said...

JACKIE. I use this same hairspray and it is amazing. I will never go to another hairspray. It's not too sticky, but it holds really well. Amazing!

Jackie said...

Yes!!! I'm glad you've got the vision, Lindsay.

The Barnos said...

I also have the vision. They were out at Target and I had to buy a can of Aussie and I am so disappointed by it.
You just can't beat Tresemme-oo la la.

emily and logan said...

aerosol, jackie? what about the environment!? (like i'm one to talk...)